About Isolab

ISOLAB is a small, highly specialized laboratory based in the Netherlands, serving the oil industry with analyses of samples related to oil and gas exploration. With more than 30 years of experience in the oil industry, ISOLAB provides the geochemical analyses for large oil companies as well as independent consultants and research facilities.

All samples are analyzed by educated personnel who choose the best analyzing strategy for every single sample. Whether the concentrations are low or impurities or other unexpected components are present, customers can be sure that their samples will be treated the best way to obtain the most reliable results.

With four isotope ratio mass spectrometers, coupled to 5 GC’s and 2 elemental analyzers we are able to analyze the stable isotopes of various elements – C, N, H - of a wide range of sample types.

While our main focus is on stable isotopes, we also offer several related services. Among others these are sample preparation (extraction, MPLC separation), concentration measurements of oil and gas samples by GC and T(O)C analyses on rock samples.

This website gives a limited overview of our possibilities. Customers are invited to contact us so we can discuss the best strategy for your specific samples.