About Isolab

High quality analyses since 1985


Isolab, a laboratory based in The Netherlands, is specialized in the measurements of stable isotopes and in various (geochemical) lab services. Isolab currently owns 14 modern gas chromatographs for oil and gas analysis, 5 Isotope ratio mass spectrometers for the measurement of stable isotopes and several other types of equipment for extraction, separation and preparation of various sample types.


Isolab has been established in the 80’s of last century by Rob Kreulen who was lecturer and researcher at the University of Utrecht at that time. In the 30 years to follow the company gained a growing customer base among which various (large) oil companies, several oil consultancy companies, (sea and water) research institutes and companies in various other branches.


For all our stable isotope measurements and other analyses Isolab tries to deliver the highest quality results as possible. This means not only that every sample is reviewed individually to guarantee the best analysis method as possible, but also that samples are re-analyzed on different GC-columns if necessary at no additional costs. Furthermore, several methods have been developed to obtain high quality results for even the lowest sample concentrations.

Can we help you?

This website gives a short overview of our most requested analyses but on request of our customers, we often modify our existing methods or develop new analysis methods to be able to address the issues that our customers are facing. If you are interested in our services, we invite you to discuss the possibilities with us to fulfill your needs.